Siegel’s Dress Uniform Selection Guide

Since many elements comprise your complete dress uniform, we have a few options to make the process of purchasing your uniform easy. We have many dress uniform package options, which provide all the essentials at a special combination price.  For your unique and custom needs, we have developed the following Dress Uniform Selection Guide to assist you in selecting the components of your uniform individually. Use the Dress Uniform Selection Guide as step by step reference in your dress uniform purchasing process.

Siegel’s Custom Alterations

Siegel’s offers you the advantage of on-site alterations, avoiding the delay of using third party services. Your custom dress uniform will be made to your exact specifications and delivered promptly. For assistance in determining sizing, please refer to our Guide to Correct Measurements & Determining Sizing.


Siegel’s has a broad selection of dress uniform coats. Selecting your Siegel’s dress uniform coat is a great place to start in the uniform ordering process. Choose from the color and style options below. Then select button type and size.

Use the Special Instructions box to note your specific alteration requirements. For assistance in determining measurements, please refer to our section on the correct way to take your measurements. Special custom features such as sleeve braid striping, may also be noted in the Special Instructions box. For complete information on custom features, please contact a Siegel’s representative at 1-800-352-2555.

Black Men’s Double Breasted Dress Coat
Black Men’s Single Breasted Dress Coat
Navy Poly Blousecoat – Double Breasted 2-Pocket
Navy Poly Blousecoat – Single Breasted 4-Pocket
Honor Guard Standing Collar Dress Blouse Coat
Dark Brown Single Breasted Dress Coat

Once you have made your dress uniform coat selection, add it to your shopping cart. Then move on to SELECTING YOUR PANTS.


Choose from many Siegel’s dress uniform pants options to find the right match for your Siegel’s dress coat. Select the color options below. Then select your desired fabric and size.

Your specific alteration requirements should be noted in the Special Instructions box. For help in determining your measurements, please refer to our section on the correct way to take your measurements. You may also indicate custom features such as leg striping, in the Special Instructions box. Contact a Siegel’s representative at 1-800-352-2555 for full details on available options.

Men’s Black Matching Dress Pants
Women’s Black Matching Dress Pants
Navy Poly Blousecoat Coordinating Trousers
Navy Poly Blousecoat Coordinating Trousers – Women’s
Honor Guard Dress Blue Pants

After adding your dress uniform pants selection to your shopping cart, move on to COMPLETING YOUR UNIFORM.


Now that you have selected your dress uniform basics, complete your dress uniform with all of the finishing touches. Select your dress cap, dress shoes, and accessories from the links below. For more complete details on custom options, contact a Siegel’s representative at 1-800-352-2555.

Dress Caps

Eight Point Cap
Bell Crown Cap
Airforce Style Cap
Modified Pershing Cap

Dress Shoes

High Gloss Leather Chukkas
Non Gloss Leather Chukkas
High Gloss Leather Oxfords
Non Gloss Leather Oxfords

Dress Uniform Accessories

Dress Uniform Gloves, Citation Cords, and More