Fox Long Tube Listening Earphone for Motorola Radios EP1013XC


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Product Description

The Fox listening only earpiece is the most comfortable way to privately listen to your radio. Two rubber ear-molds are included with this earpiece. With the rubber ear-mold installed it is possible to privately listen to your radio and still hear your surrounding environment. The Fox earphone is formed from high grade surgical tubing which is attached to a high output speaker that connects discreetly below the shirt collar. Discreet, covert and comfortable make the Fox series earphone an indispensable piece of safety equipment. FEATURES:

  • Comes complete with left and right medium earmolds.
  • Offers it’s user radio privacy in any situation.
  • Provides an extra level of security for officers when working in environments that place them close to suspects or possible suspects.
  • The Fox comes complete with a quick release surveillance earphone, a locking transducer, a left and right medium rubber earmold, and a small and large rubber eartip.

This particular unit is for use with Motorola OEM Shoulder Microphone as it has a 3.5mm threaded jack by the radio adapter. This product will attach directly to your radio and has 16in of black coiled cable. FITS:

  • Motorola HT1000, JT1000, MT2000, MTS2000 (Direct to Radio), MTX8000, MTX9000, XTS2500 (Direct to Radio), XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000, Visar