Haix Black Eagle Tactical 20 Low

Haix Black Eagle Tactical 20 Low


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Product Description

Upper Material: Leather

Inner Lining: GORE-TEX Extended; 3-layer GORE-TEX laminate, waterproof and highly breathable. Abrasion-resistant lining with optimized- climate comfort, especially for flexible alternating inside and outside use.

HAIX Climate System: Climate System with Micro-Dry lining at top of leg

Insert: Comfortable, cushioning, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial. Separate heel shape for good cushioning and foot insertion. “AIRFLOW” channels

Running sole: made of rubber, resistant to oil and gasoline, non-marking

Anti Slip: Very good grip on different terrains by profile configuration and use of a special rubber

Durable Sole: Rubber mixture for long durability

Double Hole Frame/Stone Shield: Stabilizes the shoe and guides the foot during unwinding movements, prevents uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot

Inner sole: Made of different EVA/TPU materials, light, cushioning, supporting

Absorb: Permanent cushioning in heel area by special EVA material in the inner sole

Energy Return/Supination Support: Inner sole in the front part of the foot made of a strong spring-back material for effective use of energy

Pronation Support: Supports the center of the heel, prevents overpronation (arch collapsing inward) by using a harder EVA material

Stabilizer: Asymmetrical TPU for stabilizing the heel

2-Zone Lacing: Patented Lacing System for quick and optimal lacing adjustment and correct fit of the boot

Others: Low weight, antistatic, ankle protection, metalfree

Sun Reflect: Reduces the heating effect of the upper leather by direct sunlight. Sunlight is reflected by the leather, keeping the leather and the feet cooler.