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The Power of Perception in Law Enforcement Uniforms

police officer in uniformResearch has shown that Law Enforcement Officers can either be perceived as competent, reliable, intelligent, and helpful when pictured in a police uniform, or civilians can, on the other hand, experience elicit emotions of resentment, hostility, domination, and violent behavior, simply by the color of the uniform a Police Officer is wearing.
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Changes in Law Enforcement Uniforms

police officer runningOver the years, the standard Law Enforcement Uniform industry has changed dramatically to accommodate modern advances in uniform technology and new weaponry.  With the constantly changing uses of different fabrics, hues, and designs, it is also important to not allow these new elements to negatively change their effectiveness or cause distraction to an officer while performing their duties.  Administrators and officers must evaluate whether spending the extra money on the most superior, feature packed uniforms is really valuable to the officer in the field. Most people would assume that changes have been made to accommodate newer weaponry and advancements in tools, but the basics of the uniform itself have changed dramatically as well and impact the overall image he/she projects.

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