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The Power of Perception in Law Enforcement Uniforms

police officer in uniformResearch has shown that Law Enforcement Officers can either be perceived as competent, reliable, intelligent, and helpful when pictured in a police uniform, or civilians can, on the other hand, experience elicit emotions of resentment, hostility, domination, and violent behavior, simply by the color of the uniform a Police Officer is wearing.
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Changes in Law Enforcement Uniforms

police officer runningOver the years, the standard Law Enforcement Uniform industry has changed dramatically to accommodate modern advances in uniform technology and new weaponry.  With the constantly changing uses of different fabrics, hues, and designs, it is also important to not allow these new elements to negatively change their effectiveness or cause distraction to an officer while performing their duties.  Administrators and officers must evaluate whether spending the extra money on the most superior, feature packed uniforms is really valuable to the officer in the field. Most people would assume that changes have been made to accommodate newer weaponry and advancements in tools, but the basics of the uniform itself have changed dramatically as well and impact the overall image he/she projects.

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Must-Have Choices for the Modern EMS / EMT Uniform

EMT in standard uniformToday’s EMT / EMS uniform selections are very different than they used to be. More than just clothing, a uniform is another in an EMT / EMS’s many tools of the trade. Providing uniforms that are functional, durable, and comfortable is imperative when dealing with biohazards and possibly contaminated fluids. Providing that extra barrier and quality in an EMS / EMT uniform can literally be the difference between a healthy outcome and a possibly life threatening situation.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are health care providers trained to provide emergency medical care. In potentially life threatening situations, it is imperative that technicians put as much forethought into their safety before an emergency in order to improve response time and to ensure no safety measure is forgotten in a moment of crisis. In an emergency, timing is everything, EMS / EMT uniforms have made advances such as, adding blood born pathogen barriers, adding a great biohazard-resistant quality, double layering with fabrics and additives, such as Teflon Brand moisture resistance, and moisture wicking for amazingly faster drying performance.

Modern EMTs perform a wide variety of medical procedures and responds to many types of emergency calls. Therefore the Uniforms for these services are specialized to carry all emergency equipments. The newest generation in uniform design has features that help Paramedics, EMT, ambulance and other emergency medical professionals maintain their composure and performance in the stress of the moment.

Many quality names have added these types of upgrades to their EMT / EMS uniforms. These companies recognize the importance of keeping EMT’s protected. Just a couple of examples of newer technology in EMS uniforms include the Blauer Brand which offers a new 3XDRY, a unique and patented finish that provides durable water repellency on the outside of the garments and moisture wicking for dramatically faster drying performance. The Perfection Brand Matrix Series provides enhanced comfort, mobility, and extended wearlife with High Performance Stretch Poly/Combed Cotton Twill Blends, enhanced by H2Tech H2UltraDye and H2Flex from Swift Galey and there are many more choices, depending on the budget.

Made from heavy-duty tactical material that retains its composure under heavy stress and increasingly designed for versatility and comfort, new EMS / EMT uniforms are worth taking another look at. As much as EMT / EMS technicians have evolved to be more than merely ‘ambulance drivers’, the uniforms for EMS / EMT technicians have evolved more specifically as well. With features specific to the emergency profession, uniforms are becoming more than just clothes but an asset, protecting the EMS technician from potential work hazards as well as serving as a professional uniform.

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Tactical Wear for Law Enforcement

police tactical wearTactical Uniforms for Law Enforcement Officers has become a booming business. Because of modern fabric innovations, Tactical Shirts & Pants have become specialized. Increasing durability while maintaining a professional appearance, Tactical Law Enforcement Uniforms look great and perform seamlessly from the briefing room to the street. The word tactical, meaning of or relating to combat tactics, breaks down what is needed out of law enforcement uniforms as they have evolved over the years, a professional and creased look after hours at a desk or under the stress of  forces employed at the battlefront.

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A Uniformed History of Law Enforcement

old police uniformPolice in England during the 19th Century first realized the necessity and added benefits of using uniforms while on duty. Uniforms obviously increased visibility and they added credibility to the perception of Law Enforcement by the general public. Uniforms were also used to further emphasize the divide between the military and local police officers. Initially, police uniforms identified the police as separate from the military but appeared to serve a number of other purposes after implementation. The high profile visibility of the Uniformed Police Officer also deterred criminal activity in and of itself, because lawbreakers would curtail their criminal conduct in the presence of an officer and a citizen in trouble could, without any doubt, spot an officer in a multitude of people, and increased the perception of professionalism and trust between the police and civilian population.

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Women in Law Enforcement

women policeWomen in Law Enforcement used to not only be a rarity, but before a group of women in New York City sued for the right to become police officers, it was all but prohibited for a woman to become a cop. Things have changed tremendously over the years regarding the attitudes about women in Law Enforcement. Not only are women allowed to be Police Officers, but Law Enforcement agencies are actively seeking to hire females to benefit the force overall and the United States government, as well as other institutions, offers scholarships and grants especially for females looking to enter the field.

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Law Enforcement Uniforms for Women

women in law enforcementLaw Enforcement has finally begun to fully embrace and recognize the contributions of women on the Police Force.  After many years of struggling to be accepted as equals, women are finally beginning to make strides in all areas of Law Enforcement. Most Police Departments are actively seeking to recruit women because of, not in spite of, their feminine gender.  Women have a great deal to contribute to police work. Part of incorporating women into a permanent role in Law Enforcement has meant that companies needed to update the iconic Police Uniform well known by citizens today.

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Is there a standard EMT Uniform? – Part II

In the last article in this series we discussed that there are a variety of very different uniform types that modern EMTs use as their everyday uniform. From a more professional Class A look to more dressed down polo and t-shirt looks, there is definitely diversity when it comes to EMS Uniforms.  As we have researched a bit in the field, we have also found that some EMS professionals are not very happy with this lack of standardization in their uniform. On certain ems forums, discussion boards, and blogs, there is quite a lot of discussion about why they like and don’t like certain kinds of uniforms and some discussion on what kind of uniform might be a good standard for ems professionals.  We will help to explore some of these ideas here in this second part of the series.

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A History of Sheriffs & the Modern Uniform

sheriff uniformIn the United States of America the role of a sheriff varies dramatically between different states and counties. The sheriff is usually a county official, the enforcer of the county court. In urban areas, some sheriffs may be restricted to these court duties, such as overseeing the county jail, courtroom security, detainee transport, serving warrants, service of process or police administration. Sheriffs may also patrol outside of city/town limits or jurisdiction. In many rural areas, sheriffs and their deputies are the principal form of police. It has become increasingly important to be able to differentiate between typical Police Officers and the Sheriff’s office. The iconic sheriff’s uniform does that very job as it is markedly different than the traditional police uniform.

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EMT Shirts – An Overview

EMT’s must look professional in the workplace. EMS professionals wear a variety of different types of EMT shirts based on the particular company or environment.  From professional looking polyester and poly/cotton dress EMT uniform shirts to the casual yet pro-looking EMT polo style and EMS T-shirts, top quality uniform companies provide all the different types of paramedic and EMT uniform shirts for each organization and specialization.  And the best part about choosing specialized uniform companies for your EMT shirts needs is that with all of the new classes and specialties available for EMT’s, uniforms can be more specifically designed and modified with the capabilities to completely customize your EMT/EMS uniform apparel to your specific needs.

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