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Concealable Body Armor : The Fiber Revolution

Personal Concealable body armor has transformed throughout the last three decades. On average, in the United States, ninety officers a year have been saved with this particular type of lightweight armor over that time. As premium safety equipment becomes affordable and more effective, Law Enforcement Officers appreciate the comfortable yet heavy-duty protection the new lines in concealable body armor offer. Continue reading Concealable Body Armor : The Fiber Revolution

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The New Direction in Police Protection

Concealable, lightweight body armor has evolved into necessary equipment for many Law Enforcement officers. It used to be that only the most extreme situations called for concealed body armor, but times have changed. In fact, so called run-of-the-mill domestic calls are trending to be the most dangerous calls for a responding Police officer. Recent advances have made concealable body armor designed for use in various situations and by many in the line of duty. The direct result of these advances has lead to more affordable body protection gear, without the sacrifice of quality. Companies have designed various top products, designed to serve specific needs. Learning about concealable body armor is necessary in order to pick what particular armor is appropriate for whom. Continue reading The New Direction in Police Protection

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Elbeco : Evolutions in Fabric Technology – Part II

Elbeco has been recognized as having helped pioneer the uniform industry, not only for over 100 years with iconic uniform designs, but in the modern and future uniform market as they undertake developing, improving, and creating fabrics to serve the needs of Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Corrections, Military, Postal and Transportation agencies as well as private industries. Including different fabrics and blends such as Cotton Blend, Polyester, Taslan, Poly Rayon Blends, and designs with built in UPF40+ protection, there’s a uniform to suit every preference. Elbeco’s Uniforms are made to the exacting specifications of many prestigious agencies, including the Los Angeles Police Department and others.


Fabrics and Designs by Elbeco

*Tek Twill™

A cotton blend fabric – made with permanent moisture resistance. Uniforms with Tek Twill are water resistant, stain resistant, breathable, and engineered with STRETCH – TekTwill™ shirts and trousers, TekTwill Caps, Basic Duty BDU’s, EMS trousers, Base Layers and uniform knit shirts.

*Paragon Plus™

Premium Cotton blend Poplin dress uniform shirts are now with Stretch Comfort.  It features all the qualities of a uniform shirt, but with a softer, more comfortable feel you will want.


Premium polyester uniforms with new NANO-DRY technology that combines superior comfort with the performance of polyester by wicking moisture away from your body to keep you cooler in warm weather.


Tough polyester uniform trousers made for the long haul, including the Regulation Plus, Top Authority and New Jersey State Corrections styled trousers.


The Summit series provides ultimate comfort in all climate conditions.  Advanced Technology outerwear keeps you warm, dry and safe.

*Duty Max™

Poly Rayon Blends offer year round comfort, easy care and professional appearance. NOW WITH NANO-DRY for Permanent Moisture management

*Ufx™ Performance BaseLayer

NEW The first line of defense next to your skin-protecting you from the outside world-whether it is hot or cold or between you and your ballistic vest.   These base layer undergarments are engineered to perform in the line of duty.

*Top Authority™

These natural press trousers feature Visa fabric enhancer that helps the fabric breathe and withstand repeated washings. These are an excellent year-round weight trouser.*


Combining the world’s finest worsted wool fabrics, this uniform is equipped with our best tailoring and classic styling. Prestige Advanced provides maximum strength without sacrificing softness. Styles include New Prestige Trousers include 100% Wool

Elbeco offers a variety of sizes* and fits, as well as fabrics to accommodate every customer’s needs. The option to custom tailor your uniform is also available on their website. Our uniforms also offer details to enhance their performance as well as their comfort level. Some details include a ComfortGrip™ waistband to keep shirts tucked in and extra cut-in pockets.

Continue reading Elbeco : Evolutions in Fabric Technology – Part II

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Elbeco : Evolutions in Fabric Technology – Part I

Elbeco is a highly regarded company, making uniforms that exceed the demanding requirements of Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Postal, Tactical, and Transportation personnel throughout the United States since 1907. Elbeco is known best for their superior quality, value, and service.

Elbeco is known for delivering a quality product with extraordinary service. The inspiration for being the best, they claim, comes from their customers.  Elbeco uniforms “stand for innovation, performance, honor, and pride,” just like the Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS customers, they are sworn to serve. Continue reading Elbeco : Evolutions in Fabric Technology – Part I

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511 Tactical: The New Pant Revolution

511 tactical logo5.11 Tactical is known for quality Law Enforcement Uniform and Tactical-Style Pants. The 5.11 Tactical Team has evolved to offer extensive selections and a multitude of various styles. 5.11 Tactical professional style pants are incredibly durable, but more than that, they have mastered multi-purpose, functional gear that works perfectly for demanding professions and now, they offer pants in many different styles. Tactical Pants, TDU Pants, EMS Pants, Uniform Pants, Outerwear Pants, Women’s Pants to name a few. Continue reading 511 Tactical: The New Pant Revolution

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Flashlights: The New Tools of Trade

Flashlights have become so commonplace and are used in so many situations; it is easy to take them for granted. Initially, the “electric hand-torch” was developed using a relatively simple design, intended to run on the then common zinc–carbon batteries. The term “Flashlight” was coined because Conrad Hubert’s original design required intervals of rest after short periods of use due to its inability to provide a continuous current of electricity. Although Mr. Hubert’s design was comparatively simple, the invention was due, in part to the then recent inventions of the electric battery and the electric bulb, respectively. Continue reading Flashlights: The New Tools of Trade

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Flashlights, Light-bulbs, and Lenses: The Revolutions

Flashlights, since the beginning of their invention have been tools for life-saving safety as well as equipment for recreational activity. Properly learning how to design products that meet all needs, applying the latest design and manufacturing developments has inspired companies like stream-light, mag-light, and others have created unique types of flashlights, never before available for civilian use at affordable prices.  how to meet the needs for all types of people. The Company recognizes it diverse mix of customers such as Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Low-light shooting enthusiasts, Hunters, Fishermen, Outdoor and even Sports enthusiasts. Continue reading Flashlights, Light-bulbs, and Lenses: The Revolutions

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Flashlights: The Powering of Modern Illumination

When investigating modern flashlight technology, advances in bulbs and design are indeed revolutionary, but the most fundamental aspect of the flashlight, the power source, has also enjoyed the most remarkable change in design.  Indeed, in the beginning of flashlight history was defined by the challenging aspect of reliable power.  The initial flashlights used non-efficient carbon-filament type bulbs, “resting” was essential at short intervals. The name, flashlight, is in existence because, although a life-saving piece of equipment, the first design could only sustain its illumination in sporadic intervals… leading to the nickname highlighting a temporal ‘flash’ of light. Continue reading Flashlights: The Powering of Modern Illumination

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What kind of flashlight do I need? Here are some considerations.

Bright enough or super-bright

  • Choose the correct level of light for the intended task. Too bright a light at night in a campsite or on a night walk will destroy your night-vision.
  • The brighter the light, the more battery power you will need.

Continue reading What kind of flashlight do I need? Here are some considerations.

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New Applications: Non-Traditional Flashlight designs


A penlight is a small, pen-sized flashlight, usually containing two AA batteries or AAA batteries. In some an incandescent light bulb has an integral lens that focuses the light, thus no reflector is built into the penlight. Others use incandescent bulbs mounted in reflectors, while LED lamps are becoming increasingly common. Low-cost units may be disposable with no provision for the user to replace batteries or bulbs, and are sometimes imprinted with advertising for promotional purposes. Continue reading New Applications: Non-Traditional Flashlight designs