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Must-Have Choices for the Modern EMS / EMT Uniform

EMT in standard uniformToday’s EMT / EMS uniform selections are very different than they used to be. More than just clothing, a uniform is another in an EMT / EMS’s many tools of the trade. Providing uniforms that are functional, durable, and comfortable is imperative when dealing with biohazards and possibly contaminated fluids. Providing that extra barrier and quality in an EMS / EMT uniform can literally be the difference between a healthy outcome and a possibly life threatening situation.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are health care providers trained to provide emergency medical care. In potentially life threatening situations, it is imperative that technicians put as much forethought into their safety before an emergency in order to improve response time and to ensure no safety measure is forgotten in a moment of crisis. In an emergency, timing is everything, EMS / EMT uniforms have made advances such as, adding blood born pathogen barriers, adding a great biohazard-resistant quality, double layering with fabrics and additives, such as Teflon Brand moisture resistance, and moisture wicking for amazingly faster drying performance.

Modern EMTs perform a wide variety of medical procedures and responds to many types of emergency calls. Therefore the Uniforms for these services are specialized to carry all emergency equipments. The newest generation in uniform design has features that help Paramedics, EMT, ambulance and other emergency medical professionals maintain their composure and performance in the stress of the moment.

Many quality names have added these types of upgrades to their EMT / EMS uniforms. These companies recognize the importance of keeping EMT’s protected. Just a couple of examples of newer technology in EMS uniforms include the Blauer Brand which offers a new 3XDRY, a unique and patented finish that provides durable water repellency on the outside of the garments and moisture wicking for dramatically faster drying performance. The Perfection Brand Matrix Series provides enhanced comfort, mobility, and extended wearlife with High Performance Stretch Poly/Combed Cotton Twill Blends, enhanced by H2Tech H2UltraDye and H2Flex from Swift Galey and there are many more choices, depending on the budget.

Made from heavy-duty tactical material that retains its composure under heavy stress and increasingly designed for versatility and comfort, new EMS / EMT uniforms are worth taking another look at. As much as EMT / EMS technicians have evolved to be more than merely ‘ambulance drivers’, the uniforms for EMS / EMT technicians have evolved more specifically as well. With features specific to the emergency profession, uniforms are becoming more than just clothes but an asset, protecting the EMS technician from potential work hazards as well as serving as a professional uniform.

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5.11 Accessories: Specialized Equipment for Everyman

The cross over appeal of the 5.11 Tactical Company stems, in part, to the innovative accessories they’ve produced to assist Law Enforcement and others in the line of duty. Fortunately for the company, as well as consumers, the quality standards and innovative products available through 5.11 Tactical have created lines of accessories that appeal to many people in diverse settings. The products receiving much acclaim include their lines of bags/backpacks, gloves, and flashlights. Continue reading 5.11 Accessories: Specialized Equipment for Everyman

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Metal Detectors: Then & Now

Use of metal detectors by police, law enforcement, and security personnel has dated back for a surprisingly long time. Many occurrenceshave beendocumented in which metal recognition apparatuses have been used by different security organizations and far back as 2000+yrs ago. They are a vital tool used in all types of modern law enforcement situations, down to and including, protectingancient Chinese Emperors.  Metal detectors include two basic types, including the walk-through and the hand-held type. Both types are currently used to an increasing number everyday. With the modern war on terrorism, metal detectors are used in many more situations and are crucial to Police in their pursuit of protection and law enforcement. Continue reading Metal Detectors: Then & Now

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Flashlights: The New Tools of Trade

Flashlights have become so commonplace and are used in so many situations; it is easy to take them for granted. Initially, the “electric hand-torch” was developed using a relatively simple design, intended to run on the then common zinc–carbon batteries. The term “Flashlight” was coined because Conrad Hubert’s original design required intervals of rest after short periods of use due to its inability to provide a continuous current of electricity. Although Mr. Hubert’s design was comparatively simple, the invention was due, in part to the then recent inventions of the electric battery and the electric bulb, respectively. Continue reading Flashlights: The New Tools of Trade

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Flashlights, Light-bulbs, and Lenses: The Revolutions

Flashlights, since the beginning of their invention have been tools for life-saving safety as well as equipment for recreational activity. Properly learning how to design products that meet all needs, applying the latest design and manufacturing developments has inspired companies like stream-light, mag-light, and others have created unique types of flashlights, never before available for civilian use at affordable prices.  how to meet the needs for all types of people. The Company recognizes it diverse mix of customers such as Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Low-light shooting enthusiasts, Hunters, Fishermen, Outdoor and even Sports enthusiasts. Continue reading Flashlights, Light-bulbs, and Lenses: The Revolutions

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Flashlights: The Powering of Modern Illumination

When investigating modern flashlight technology, advances in bulbs and design are indeed revolutionary, but the most fundamental aspect of the flashlight, the power source, has also enjoyed the most remarkable change in design.  Indeed, in the beginning of flashlight history was defined by the challenging aspect of reliable power.  The initial flashlights used non-efficient carbon-filament type bulbs, “resting” was essential at short intervals. The name, flashlight, is in existence because, although a life-saving piece of equipment, the first design could only sustain its illumination in sporadic intervals… leading to the nickname highlighting a temporal ‘flash’ of light. Continue reading Flashlights: The Powering of Modern Illumination

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What kind of flashlight do I need? Here are some considerations.

Bright enough or super-bright

  • Choose the correct level of light for the intended task. Too bright a light at night in a campsite or on a night walk will destroy your night-vision.
  • The brighter the light, the more battery power you will need.

Continue reading What kind of flashlight do I need? Here are some considerations.

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New Applications: Non-Traditional Flashlight designs


A penlight is a small, pen-sized flashlight, usually containing two AA batteries or AAA batteries. In some an incandescent light bulb has an integral lens that focuses the light, thus no reflector is built into the penlight. Others use incandescent bulbs mounted in reflectors, while LED lamps are becoming increasingly common. Low-cost units may be disposable with no provision for the user to replace batteries or bulbs, and are sometimes imprinted with advertising for promotional purposes. Continue reading New Applications: Non-Traditional Flashlight designs

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Flashlight Safety Ratings

Modern flashlights are used in a multitude of professional situations. Different working environments can pose hazards, such as a potential for explosion or fire hazards. Flashlights come in various forms, prompting the National Electric Code (NEC) to create safety classifications for the different kinds of flashlight technologies available.

Any flashlight that could be potentially used in a dangerous situation or confined space should be adequately tested to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards for those locations. When choosing a flashlight, make sure it carries the appropriate approval ratings. Choosing the correct light for your application requires a careful knowledge of your working environment, and a accurate anticipation of how a suitably selected flashlight will function in those surroundings. Continue reading Flashlight Safety Ratings

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Flashlight Revolutions: Making Sense of New Power Technologies

To understand the advertising about lights which claim “80 lumens” or “1,000,000 candlepower,” you need to understand what those things are. To put it simply, lumens are a measurement of how much light a device produces, and candlepower is a measurement of concentration of the beam a device produces. These are not the same thing. Continue reading Flashlight Revolutions: Making Sense of New Power Technologies