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EMT Shirts – An Overview

EMT’s must look professional in the workplace. EMS professionals wear a variety of different types of EMT shirts based on the particular company or environment.  From professional looking polyester and poly/cotton dress EMT uniform shirts to the casual yet pro-looking EMT polo style and EMS T-shirts, top quality uniform companies provide all the different types of paramedic and EMT uniform shirts for each organization and specialization.  And the best part about choosing specialized uniform companies for your EMT shirts needs is that with all of the new classes and specialties available for EMT’s, uniforms can be more specifically designed and modified with the capabilities to completely customize your EMT/EMS uniform apparel to your specific needs.

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511 Shirts: A Surprising trend in Cross-Over Appeal

511 crossover police shirt5.11 Tactical Company makes apparel and accessories to suit Law Enforcement, Military, Firefighters, EMT’s and more. The different lines of 5.11 shirts have so many amenities; they win hands down in style, comfort, durability, and color-fastness. Additionally, they are just plain practical for an officer or uniformed shirt occupation with so many pockets, especially the front document pockets that allow you to store paperwork or money where it will absolutely not be lost and the vents keep customers cool, even in the warmest and most challenging of environments. Finally, they look just as good whether you choose to throw them in the washer or send them to the dry cleaners. Continue reading 511 Shirts: A Surprising trend in Cross-Over Appeal