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EMT Shirts – An Overview

EMT’s must look professional in the workplace. EMS professionals wear a variety of different types of EMT shirts based on the particular company or environment.  From professional looking polyester and poly/cotton dress EMT uniform shirts to the casual yet pro-looking EMT polo style and EMS T-shirts, top quality uniform companies provide all the different types of paramedic and EMT uniform shirts for each organization and specialization.  And the best part about choosing specialized uniform companies for your EMT shirts needs is that with all of the new classes and specialties available for EMT’s, uniforms can be more specifically designed and modified with the capabilities to completely customize your EMT/EMS uniform apparel to your specific needs.

Adding an embroidered EMS logo or an EMS patch specific to your needs can be difficult to find in less superior catalogues or stores.  EMT’s are no longer considered merely ‘ambulance drivers’ but they represent the first line of action when saving a victim’s life. Now with the new EMT shirt specialization patches, EMT’s are given recognition they deserve.

Now companies offer the Paramedic & EMT communities a selection of economical 100% polyester and 65/35 poly/cotton uniform EMT shirts, as well as Paramedic t shirts, EMS polo style shirts, and EMT/EMS uniform specialty shirts.  There are extensive choices in EMT complete uniform apparel. Higher-end companies also offer added uniform accessories, including EMT outerwear such as EMT wind shirts and EMT station jackets.

Elbeco has upgraded its Paragon Plus Premium Poplin uniform shirts for better performance. The newly-designed fabric offers up to 8% stretch across the garment, for more give when you need it. The lighter, more breathable STRETCH fabric feels like a comfortable dress shirt that you will want to wear everyday.  The Paragon Plus also utilizes an exclusive vat dying process, for superior color retention and long lasting fade resistance. Teflon Stain release assures long life, free from unsightly staining over the life of the garment.  Five Ultra Crease permanent Military creases, combined with pleated, scalloped pockets and cross-stitched shoulder straps complete the package for a professional-looking ems uniform shirt presentation.