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Law Enforcement Uniforms for Women

women in law enforcementLaw Enforcement has finally begun to fully embrace and recognize the contributions of women on the Police Force.  After many years of struggling to be accepted as equals, women are finally beginning to make strides in all areas of Law Enforcement. Most Police Departments are actively seeking to recruit women because of, not in spite of, their feminine gender.  Women have a great deal to contribute to police work. Part of incorporating women into a permanent role in Law Enforcement has meant that companies needed to update the iconic Police Uniform well known by citizens today.

Many females can be repelled by the idea of being a Police Officer because they refer to the stereotypical ‘cop.’ Aggression, violent tendencies, vulgarity, and a general “roughness” is associated with police work. Although aggressiveness and assertiveness are needed some of the time, the most important trait an officer of the law can exercise is the ability to negotiate and avoid a fight, traits found commonly in women.

Another reason women may be hesitant to pursue the field of law enforcement is the perceived discouragement of femininity first noticed by the design of the uniform she must wear everyday. All women want to look their best. Even more than men, females are concerned about their appearances. The stereotypical police uniforms offered to women were basically smaller versions of men’s clothing, but not anymore. High end, high quality uniforms are now available from companies like Elbeco and Fechheimer. These clothes are not only convenient and comfortable; they reflect the changing face of Law Enforcement today.

Designed “for women, by women,” these uniforms help women look their most professional while flattering the feminine curves of a woman. The modified designs are available for both shirts and trousers. The renowned company Elbeco, offers a trademarked “Ladies Choice” line of shirts that features shirts with a graded and expanded chest and waist dimension for flattering fit and decreased movement. The armholes and sleeves are more fitted for female arms. They are designed with a graded body length for less bulk and a sweep at the hip to better fit and flatter the waistline of a woman.

Trousers are also available from Elbeco’s Ladies Choice series. These designs are just as well thought out and executed as the shirt design. The trousers in these lines include side elastic for personal fit helping to complement the hips of a female with a curved design. The ‘seat’ or rear or the pant has been redesigned to flatter the feminine shape. A shortened front and a straight leg eliminated the baggy appearance, looking better while providing a more functional movement.

While encouraging women to enter the field of Law Enforcement, institutions must not overlook the desire of people to want to look good. The stereotypical male cop type has been streamlined and improved as public safety officials have sought to diversify. Not merely providing a more comfortable and functional look, these new feminine designs lets women know they are a welcomed asset to Law Enforcement, and changes the image of the Police to one that is more ‘protect and serve’ than adversarial.